Forex Trading Services

ONASIS Brokers offers a wide range of forex trading services powered by high leverage and low margin requirements. You can choose any of the available account types including islamic forex trading accounts. ONASIS Brokers uses the award-winning metatrader4 forex trading platform which is capable of using custom indicators and automated expert advisers for trading automization.

Forex Trading Instruments

Traders have a great opportunity to trade currencies online by choosing any of the provided tradable securities on our trading platform. Please check our complete list of trading instruments and/or swap rates that will be charged to non-islamic accounts.

Why Trade with ONASIS

ONASIS Brokers offers clients the ability to trade currencies online with fixed low spreads as low as 1 pip. ONASIS provides custom leverage on forex trading accounts as high as 500:1 and a low margin requirement on all tradable securities. ONASIS is a straight-through-processing (STP) broker which means that all your trades orders are passed instantly to our liquidity providers with no dealer interference in the middle (NDD).

ONASIS Offers Trading Services Worldwide

ONASIS offers retail forex services to customers worldwide. We are very proud to be of th leading service providers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, South Africa, USA and the Egypt. Our multilingual operation and support team are proud to offer you professional services in your mother language anytime you require such.
  • Trade micro, mini, standard & Islamic forex accounts at premium low spreads
  • Trade Forex & CFD's Online - Powerful trading tools and accounts to meet your trading strategies
  • Trade gold, silver and crude oil at fixed spreads and minimal commissions
  • Swap-Free Islamic Accounts are available for as low as 2 pip spreads


Deposits Articles

Please before contacting Customer Support note the following points for deposits or withdrawals of capital.

1. The bank will send a home abroad Bank (the "Bank Clearing " ) request signed by the client , the International Transfer, according to the instructions provided by the Customer in this application , with the understanding that in certain sometimes the International Transfer may be sent to a bank that will serve as a correspondent or intermediary in the transaction and, who in turn will send the International Clearing Bank Transfer . International Transfer Application must be personally submitted by the Customer, according to the schedule previously established by the Bank for this purpose .

Two . U.S. dollars or any other currency you operate the bank. , May be shipped via International Transfer anywhere in the world , except for those countries to which the government of the United States had imposed an economic embargo or sanction .

Three . The International Transfers not have restrictions as to the amount of the transaction.

April . All International Transfer sent by the Client , but may be deposited to the account of the Beneficiary indicated by the client in this application , so in no time you will be physically delivered to the Beneficiary of the relevant currency .

May . With the understanding that the Clearing Bank is entitled to reject the International Transfer, when the data provided in the application is insufficient or incorrect, will be the sole responsibility of the customer to provide the correct information so that it is sent to the Bank Clearing , releasing at all times to the bank from which the obligation to verify such information as well as any liability of the above.

6. If you to send an international transfer, the date that will be sent is as follows:

 a. If the transaction is in Dollars, International Bank Transfer sent the same day of application for value the same day, provided the request is made according to the schedule set by the originating bank .

 b . If currencies other than the dollar , the Bank of International Transfer sent home the same day of application value date 2 business days after payment concentration and the same , as long as the application is submitted according to the schedule established by the originating bank .

7. The rapidity with which the Recipient may have the funds sent via International Transfer, depend at all times of the policies and methods of efficiency Clearing Banks , correspondents and brokers , if any . By virtue of the foregoing, the obligation of the bank regarding this transaction shall not, in any way , the timely release of funds to the account of the Beneficiary and in this act

Customer releases the bank from any liability related origin of the above. Also the home bank is not responsible for delays , nonpayment, or rejection abroad International Transfer due to causes not attributable to him . As if the Clearing Bank, Correspondent or Intermediary cancel the International Transfer, either by internal regulations or by express provision of law of the country of origin, the country of transit or destination country of the funds, the bank origin has no liability regarding the destination of the funds , forcing only to return the Customer the payer thereof, minus fees and expenses , provided that the Clearing Bank , correspondent or intermediary make the return and corresponding notification to the bank of origin or if the recipient of the International Transfer authorize the return of funds . Further to the above and in addition to what is stated in clause 5 above, an International Transfer may be rejected by the Clearing Banks , brokers or correspondents , if such transfer does not meet International guidelines internal security of these banks, or regulations established by the competent authorities. During the period of time elapsed since the sending of the International Transfer of Customer , to the receipt of funds by the beneficiary , or , if applicable , to the repayment of such funds , the funds corresponding to the International Transfer not bear interest , so that the bank Customer are free to source any liability related to the generation of such interests. Likewise , the originating bank shall not be liable in the event of any delay in delivery of an international transfer because it was found to revision status , under measures to comply with regulations applicable to such operations .

8. By virtue of the foregoing, the Customer hereby expressly authorizes the originating bank to deliver to the Banks Clearing Correspondents and / or brokers , as well as any governmental or judicial authority of the countries in which these banks estuvieren localized request by such entities, any information related to the Client or the nature of the funds sent by the Client , or in respect of the Customer 's accounts with the bank hath open source .

9. The return of funds to the Customer, if derived , shall be as follows :

By crediting the account where the fee is charged for the issuance of the International Transfer . If Customer's account is in a currency other than that of the International Transfer out , the deposit will be made at the exchange rate existing document available on the date on which the return is made.

10. The liability of the bank of origin and merely ends when sending instructions to the Foreign Bank .

11. In addition to the fees charged by the bank of origin for the provision of reference service , the Client is obliged to pay all the fees charged by the Correspondents , Intermediaries and Clearing banks.

12. Regarding the message for the Beneficiary if the customer can choose to send the Customer agrees to the content of the message can not be undermined in any way contrary to morals and good manners , so that this act, the Customer releases the originating bank from any liability in connection therewith.

13 . The operations performed by the bank of origin under these terms and conditions are subject to the laws applicable in the rules for international transfers . Nevertheless , due to the nature of the operations covered by this document , any transaction made ​​by the Customer may be subject to the jurisdiction and applicable laws in the country of residence of correspondent banking or broker involved in this transaction, so the Customer expressly recognizes this situation , and, if applicable , shall be submitted to the competent jurisdiction and laws.

14 . the bank of origin and other members of the international banks are obliged to act in accordance with laws, international agreements and regulations in force in their respective jurisdictions , as well as comply with regulations relating to the prevention of money laundering , financing terrorists and the provision of related financial services like these to any person or entity that may be subject to sanctions. The bank of origin and any other member of the international group of banks in the process of a transaction would be interference may take, and may instruct for other members of the international group of banks to take any action it considers appropriate to take in accordance with the regulations above . Such action may include, but is not limited to : intercept and investigate any payment messages and other information or Customer Instructions sent to or by you or on your behalf through the bank's systems of origin or any other systems member of the international banks , and making further inquiries as to whether the name could refer to a natural or legal person actually refers to that person or entity . Also, if for any reason there is any doubt by the Bank as to the authenticity or validity of the International Transfer, the originating bank before processing the said instruction, may stop the execution of the International Transfer , in order verifying verbally ( including via telephone call) or in writing, the Customer details of it. Notwithstanding any provision of these terms and conditions, or the originating bank or any member of the international banks will be liable for loss (whether direct , consequential or loss of profit , data or interest) or damage suffered by any party arising from:

I. Any delay or omission by the originating bank or any member of the international banks to meet any of its obligations under these terms and conditions or other obligations caused in whole or in part by any measures the originating bank or any member of the international banks , in its sole and absolute discretion, considers appropriate to take in accordance with the above regulations , or II : the exercise of any right bank of origin or members of the Group international banks in accordance with these terms and conditions. In some circumstances, the action that the originating bank or any member of the international banks may take may prevent or cause a delay in processing certain information. Therefore, neither the originating bank

nor any member of the international banks ensures that any information in these systems with respect to any payment messages and Customer's instructions regarding any action taken under this instrument is accurate, current or up to date at the time you have access to it, while the action is being taken . The originating bank . Endeavor to notify the Customer of the existence of such circumstances as soon as reasonably possible.

15 . If the client has any questions regarding the operation of the International Transfer should be addressed to the Officer who will handle your account application, or submitted to the nearest or your convenience from your home bank branch.
Are Online Payments Secure?
All online transactions originating from our website are routed to the online processing gateway through a 256-bit SSL secured communication channel which insures that your personal and financial data is strongly encrypted during your payment session.
Are Deposits Automated?
No. All transactions are verified before they are credited to the corresponding forex trading account. International anti money laundering laws prevent payments from third parties, our backoffice assistants have to verify that the money source is genuine and that the money sender is the account holder registered with ONASIS Brokers.
How Long are Deposits Delayed?
During weekdays, our backoffice assistants process transactions almost instantly from 09:00 CET and until 17:30 CET.

Payments arriving at weekends or after 17:00 CET are processed next business day at 09:00 CET. Please submit a support ticket only if your payment has been sent during business hours on a working day but has not been processed for more than 15 minutes. Support tickets about deposits made on weekends or after 17:00 CET will be ignored.
Can I Deposit through a Local IB?
Yes, you can make a direct deposit to your regional Introducing Broker. Please make sure you read and understand paragraph 12 of our terms of service agreement in regards to making deposits and requesting withdrawals through regional Introducing Brokers.

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Forex Trading Hints from Professionals
Don't Trade too Short-Term - If you are aiming to make less than 20 points profit, don't undertake the trade. The spread you are trading on will make the odds against you far too high.

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