Forex Trading Services

ONASIS Brokers offers a wide range of forex trading services powered by high leverage and low margin requirements. You can choose any of the available account types including islamic forex trading accounts. ONASIS Brokers uses the award-winning metatrader4 forex trading platform which is capable of using custom indicators and automated expert advisers for trading automization.

Forex Trading Instruments

Traders have a great opportunity to trade currencies online by choosing any of the provided tradable securities on our trading platform. Please check our complete list of trading instruments and/or swap rates that will be charged to non-islamic accounts.

Why Trade with ONASIS

ONASIS Brokers offers clients the ability to trade currencies online with fixed low spreads as low as 1 pip. ONASIS provides custom leverage on forex trading accounts as high as 500:1 and a low margin requirement on all tradable securities. ONASIS is a straight-through-processing (STP) broker which means that all your trades orders are passed instantly to our liquidity providers with no dealer interference in the middle (NDD).

ONASIS Offers Trading Services Worldwide

ONASIS offers retail forex services to customers worldwide. We are very proud to be of th leading service providers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, South Africa, USA and the Egypt. Our multilingual operation and support team are proud to offer you professional services in your mother language anytime you require such.
  • Trade micro, mini, standard & Islamic forex accounts at premium low spreads
  • Trade Forex & CFD's Online - Powerful trading tools and accounts to meet your trading strategies
  • Trade gold, silver and crude oil at fixed spreads and minimal commissions
  • Swap-Free Islamic Accounts are available for as low as 2 pip spreads

What is a DEMO account?

A demo account is a forex trading account pre-loaded with virtual money instead of real money in real accounts. People are always required and encouraged to train themselves on a demo account before engaging in real trading to make sure they get familiar with the platform's features, market's hectic hours as well as for testing and enhancing their trading strategies or expert advisers.

How to register for a DEMO account?

Please follow the steps explained on the right sidebar to obtain your free $50,000 demo account from ONASIS Brokers. In general, you should be ready to trade the markets in less than 5 minutes with the same forex trading platform used for real account trading except that you will be trading virtual money.

Expiration of DEMO accounts

To maintain a healthy, fast and not overloaded trading servers, ONASIS Brokers setup all demo trading accounts to expire after 14 days. After your demo account expires, you can simply repeat the explained procedure and register a new account at anytime. You can signup for as many demo accounts as you need.

DEMO vs. Real Accounts

While demo and real accounts share exactly the same features, trading platform, ability to use custom indicators and expert advisers; there are still a few differences that might be noticable for advanced/experienced traders. For example, quotation speeds, swaps and spreads.

The spreads for demo accounts are set at a fixed 1 pip for all major currencies. Some users of ONASIS Brokers might see 2 pip spreads on their real accounts in certain cases where they are signed-up for example by an introducing broker that has their group settings modified.

Demo accounts get an instant OK from our trading server in 99% of the cases. There are almost no requotes on demo accounts and the quotation speed is extremely fast. On real accounts, there is an additional step in processing orders which might add an extra second to the execution time which is routing your order through the bridge to the liquidity provider of ONASIS Brokers.

Islamic accounts opened with ONASIS Brokers are swap-free. If a Muslim trader opens a demo account, they will notice that the demo platform will calculate swaps for their demo accounts at all times. Please do not worry as the swaps will not be calculated for your Islamic account, when trading a real Islamic forex account.

Step #1: Download Metatrader 4
The first step towards opening and running a demo account is obtaining the Metatrader4 forex trading platform.

Metatrader4 is around 5.0 Mb in size and shall download to your computer in less than just 2 minutes. It installs in seconds on all Windows™ machines and will upgrade itself always to the latest version when such updates are available.
Step #2: Setup/Install Metatrader 4
After your download has finished, double click the setup icon to start the installation process. Installation shall be finished in less than a minute after you fill in your correct personal details.

Please notice that ONASIS Brokers will delete demo accounts that are opened without correct personal details to maintain a fast, non-overloaded server.
Step #3: Start Trading
As soon as you a re finished installing MetaTrader4, a shortcut icon to the program will be automatically placed on your desktop which you can click anytime to start the program.

Run Metatrader4, and start discovering the program's features that you will be soon using when you trade a real account with ONASIS Brokers. Good luck
Optional Trading Platforms

Metatrader4 can also be installed on your smartphone, PDA & iPhone. Such trading terminals are developed by third parties and are charged separately by their developers.

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