Forex Trading Services

ONASIS Brokers offers a wide range of forex trading services powered by high leverage and low margin requirements. You can choose any of the available account types including islamic forex trading accounts. ONASIS Brokers uses the award-winning metatrader4 forex trading platform which is capable of using custom indicators and automated expert advisers for trading automization.

Forex Trading Instruments

Traders have a great opportunity to trade currencies online by choosing any of the provided tradable securities on our trading platform. Please check our complete list of trading instruments and/or swap rates that will be charged to non-islamic accounts.

Why Trade with ONASIS

ONASIS Brokers offers clients the ability to trade currencies online with fixed low spreads as low as 1 pip. ONASIS provides custom leverage on forex trading accounts as high as 500:1 and a low margin requirement on all tradable securities. ONASIS is a straight-through-processing (STP) broker which means that all your trades orders are passed instantly to our liquidity providers with no dealer interference in the middle (NDD).

ONASIS Offers Trading Services Worldwide

ONASIS offers retail forex services to customers worldwide. We are very proud to be of th leading service providers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, South Africa, USA and the Egypt. Our multilingual operation and support team are proud to offer you professional services in your mother language anytime you require such.
  • Trade micro, mini, standard & Islamic forex accounts at premium low spreads
  • Trade Forex & CFD's Online - Powerful trading tools and accounts to meet your trading strategies
  • Trade gold, silver and crude oil at fixed spreads and minimal commissions
  • Swap-Free Islamic Accounts are available for as low as 2 pip spreads


Forex Standard Trading Accounts

Advantages of Standard Forex Trading Accounts

Standard forex trading account are the choice for professional and experienced traders that are willing to indulge into currency trading at a higher level.

Speculators and carry traders prefer standard accounts for the stable risk/reward ratio that will guarantee higher profits specially when backed-up by a 300:1 high leverage.
  • Minimum required deposit is only $50,000
  • High leverage up-to 300:1
  • Scalping and hedging allowed
  • Low margin requirements
  • Fixed low spreads from 1 pip
  • Over 40 curreny pairs & securities
  • High quality FX research package
  • Regular macroeconomic reports
  • Up-to 20% instant deposit bonus
  • Access to our expert advisers library

Available Lot Sizes

Standard accounts can trade lot sizes from 0.1 and up to 99 lots.

Order Execution

Standard accounts orders are executed instantly through our STP bridge.
Partial fill orders will remain working once a fractional amount of the contracts are filled.
Unlike some bridge connections, limit orders will not turn into market orders once their partially filled.

Hedging & Scalping

Scalping is allowed on all standard accounts as described in our scalping policy.
Hedging is also available for all currency pairs and securities.

Custom Indicators & Expert Advisers

Standard accounts can utilize custom indicators and/or expert advisers on our MT4 forex trading platform if you are interested to run a completely automated strategy.

Order Time/Size/Pip Restrictions

There are no restrictions on the time of your trades.

You can close your trades anytime even after 1 second if your trading strategy demands such an action. As well, there are no restrictions on the size or pip to close any specific deal.

Islamic Standard Trading Accounts

If you are a Muslim trader and willing to own a standard trading account, please read our Islamic accounts page for more details then simply submit a request to change your standard account into an Islamic one.



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Low Margin Requirements

STP Execution

No delays & No Slippage
Fair Scalping Policy
No FIFO Restrictions

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Instant Deposit Bonus
High 300:1 Leverage

Forex Trading Hints from Professionals
Measure trading success Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Annually Do not judge your trading success on a single trade. To be a successful trader, you don't need to win every trade, you also don't become rich on one trade, you need to be profitable in the long run.

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